• Best Real Money Online Casino Slot Providers

    Posted Mar 13 by Misaki Hayato

    Online slot game is really popular nowadays. Many gamblers preferred to play this type of gambling game because of the thrill and excitement it gives. Aside from that, it is also easy to access. All online slot games came and provided by the best real money online casino slot providers in the indust...

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    If you want to buy NFL coins,Try the code "Jack" in to find amazing things.The Dallas Cowboys address the potential opening at linebacker ahead of schedule as they select Malik Jefferson one of the champion players of the Texas barrier. I know individuals are searching for a guarded end, w...

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  • The Etiquette of Greentelftth Fiber Optic Splice Closure

    Posted Jan 12 by closure inline

      Cable aggregate and fiber complect protection. Both alone accumulated into Greentelftth Fiber Optic Splice Closure, and agenda base unit, the audio base assemblage army in a chiffonier / rack. Constitute a complete apparatus panels. The adjustable agreement of the equipment, accession is si...

  • The life of James Cameron

    Posted August 7, 2017 by WIZ .

    #BlackHistoryIs365 On This Date August 7, 1930, at age sixteen, James Cameron's life changed forever. A day before, he and two other young Black men were arrested for the robbery, rape and assault of a White couple in Marion, Indiana. While Mr. Cameron sat in a cell in the Grant Cou...


    Posted July 9, 2017 by Justtwo 2


  • Residential Move & Relocation Made Untroubled with Licensed Pun

    Posted December 18, 2016 by anjana jain

    Moving and shifting is a tedious and hectic task it involves many duties simultaneously. when is changing locally he then can take the help of friends and colleagues to change the goods but holding and lifting goods is risk one can get injuries while moving and shifting the products. So you definite...

  • Body Scenario

    Posted December 6, 2016 by Maurice Williams

    Body scenario: follow along!This is how people think! I am trying to change that!! The body TALKS to us everyday! It talks and talks but we ignore it! When we ignore it, the body starts to YELL! We get irritated and go see a doctor to silence the chatter and to put a bandaid(s) over its mouth so y...

  • What Is Racism

    Posted November 3, 2016 by Devetra BlueLotus Nefertiti

    via Olantunji Mwamba I was watching that idiot, Lil Wayne speak on the news show entitled, 'Nightline' from the other night. He says that he's never experienced Racism. This is because he doesn't know what Racism actually is. He doesn't know the difference between what Racism actually is versus wha...

  • Economic War On AmeriKKKa2

    Posted November 3, 2016 by Devetra BlueLotus Nefertiti

      FAMILY...eye know we are all moonlighting tryna get that extra $kissash$ for these pale skins hell-o-days we claim not to celebrate. But while we are on our missions...let us be mindful to commit this season in time to Ourselves. ***Starve The Beasts To Feed The Pride*** In that we exp...

  • Economic War On AmeriKKKa

    Posted November 3, 2016 by Devetra BlueLotus Nefertiti…

  • Affidavit Notice of Understanding and Intent And Claim of Right

    Posted October 26, 2016 by tarhaka bey

    Whereas it is my understanding the United States of America is a common law jurisdiction, and,Whereas it is my understanding equality before the law is paramount and mandatory, and,Whereas it is my understanding a statute is defined as a legislated rule of society which has been given the force of l...

  • What are Gun's Designed For ? Why do we need GUNS, if we have J

    Posted October 20, 2016 by tarhaka bey

    What are Gun's Designed For ? Why do we need GUNS, if we have JESUS and GOD ?By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ! These are great questions ! And I will do my best to shed the greatest light , the F.B.I. Came to my home, without an appointment, the date and time is not in this po...


    Posted September 14, 2016 by Steph Baca

    NOW CASTING: future ENTREPRENEURS who are about to walk away from a high school diploma or college degree, and ultimately bet EVERYTHING on their big idea or dream! Is this you!? For more information email:

  • African American Day Parade

    Posted August 25, 2016 by avery hodge

    This was a question posed by a friend of mine on his Facebook account, which I felt was a good question.  I also didn't know my cousin and a childhood friend was on the committe who are trying to change things for the betterment of the parade and people who love the parade.  August 23 at ...

  • I suffer from Gout

    Posted August 25, 2016 by Maurice Williams

    I suffer from gout and have for about 20 year now. I recently joined a health and wellness company that customize nutritional supplements for the individual. Hear is one of the supplement they recommended for me after listing gout as one of my medical conditions. Vitamin C 500mgAdvanced-+ Vitamin ...

  • The Pregnancy

    Posted August 23, 2016 by Chaya Hammond

    The doctor had kept me waiting in his office for over half an hour. I needed to know the results of my tests so that I could start planning for the next step of my life. I had hoped to become a mother after I had finished campus, and when I had a career going for me. Fate seemed to have a different ...


    Posted August 20, 2016 by Maurice Williams

    DON'T BOO, VOTE Those were a few words of our great president of the United States of American Mr Barak Obama as my wife and I watch with deep emotions going through us at the TV like nothing else in the world mattered at that time. If someone could of captured our concentration as the President sp...

  • Love in your 20's

    Posted August 17, 2016 by Maria White

    I'm doing this "survey" I guess you can call it for a paper I am writing. Question: should people in their 20's be in serious relationships? Why or why not?

  • Fundrasing Challenge

    Posted August 16, 2016 by B JAXON

    Our Fundraising Challenge is asking would you PLEASE invest in your Communities and the Development of our young people through the Arts?   The MCAMO Challenge is a simple concept to become involved in Creating Opportuniti...

  • real talk

    Posted July 29, 2016 by william hughes

  • explanation of the MLM business

    Posted July 28, 2016 by Maurice Williams

      These are the great words of explanation of the MLM business by my IDlife colleague Marty Wynn: ‪#‎IDLife‬ if your in MLM Multi-Level Marketing, and your companies compensation plan structure is based on CV Commission Value. You will never ever maximize your full potential financially...

  • 4theKings

    Posted July 27, 2016 by Maria White

    Hola! Okay so I had this idea to have people (of all backgrounds, man or woman) write letters to black men. Like words of encouragement/love. I'm putting all the letters together to make a book. With all the hate being thrown their way, black men need to see that there are people out there that are ...

  • Drop Everything And Leave

    Posted July 26, 2016 by Opnn Khuti

    Greetings All! I'm Opnn, I'm sure none of you know me from Facebook but that's OK. Today I to briefly talk to you about the conditions of our world (in relativity our reality). As you know, every face of the planet, except Antarctica, been colonized, perverted, and pillaged by different people diffe...

  • Investing Q&A with Clarence Middleton on HTN

    Posted July 24, 2016 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Clarence Middleton Best way to Own what people typically spend at is the S&P 500. It hold all the top consumer, energy, transportation based company stocks all in one place. s&p 500 Clarence Middleton betting on individual stocks as a novice is a bad move. Index funds or diversified mutual funds ar...


    Posted July 23, 2016 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    NGUZO SABA(The Seven Principles) Umoja (Unity) To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves. Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) To build and m...

  • 7 Easy Steps to Move Your Checking Account

    Posted July 22, 2016 by Lynn Miller

    7 Easy Steps to Move Your Checking AccountMoving your checking and savings accounts is not as simple as switching grocery stores. You’ll have to maintain both your new and old accounts for a few weeks until everything switches over. That can be a little tricky, especially if you’re livin...

  • #ThrowBackThursdaySongs

    Posted July 21, 2016 by NEETTA BLACK

  • #ThrowBackThursdayPoems

    Posted July 21, 2016 by NEETTA BLACK

  • questions to the big sistas

    Posted July 19, 2016 by tanya elkafrawy

    I Would like to know how many big sistas actually meet or have met and dated or married true quality men who treat them good.How many of you have met well educated business owners  and men who have no super addictions, hangups, mental problems laziness whorish or liars or women beaters? Most of...

  • fakebook is a police control site

    Posted July 18, 2016 by william hughes

    i have been banned from fakebook for over 30 days for posting about police brutality and racism now they trying to put me in jail over some shit that if i was white i would never be charged with fuck these crackers and i pray this site isn't phony or is a site police use to monitor what we say about...

  • the law today

    Posted July 18, 2016 by william hughes

    hey is it illegal for an states atty to have your public defender to ask questions for victim feelings from an incident is that illegal or is it a conflict of interest

  • #WakeEmUpPoems

    Posted July 18, 2016 by NEETTA BLACK

  • #AreYouReallyReadyToSueForReparations?...

    Posted July 18, 2016 by NEETTA BLACK

    #BlacksSuingAll50StatesForTheLossOfBlackBloodLines***** ****** (Book #11)***** (available now at***** #BlackEntertainersFixingTheBlackCommunities *****

  • **2016****Buy Black**Challenge**

    Posted July 15, 2016 by NEETTA BLACK

    **2016****Buy Black**Challenge** * * List the Black businesses that you’ve supported so far in 2016… * * Compare it to your number of Black businesses you supported in 2015… * * Don’t forget to include barber shops…Beauty salons…food places…ite...

  • #BlackEntertainersFixingTheBlackCommunities

    Posted July 15, 2016 by NEETTA BLACK

    Connecting One Million Black Businesses And Black People Together To Fix The Black Communities For Future Black Generations… * * #UNAPOLOGETICALLYBLACK * #BlackEntertainersSpeakingOut * #Black365DaysAYear * #BlackEntertainersFixingTheBlackCommunities


    Posted July 13, 2016 by Anoni Mous

    SOURCE:   As the title of this blog states, let's give a very warm melanated congratulations to brotha Joey, for this great promotional ariticle (see a...

  • whos From Fl??

    Posted July 13, 2016 by Latrea Daricaud

    HI FAM!



  • Why don't you support Black owned businesses like you know you

    Posted July 12, 2016 by KING ARTHUR

    Everyone should understand the importance and impact of shopping with business that support your community. Yet and still there are millions of melanated individuals who almost refuse to shop with or support organizations that have their communities best interest at heart. Why is that. Will $2.50 re...

  • Community Networking

    Posted July 12, 2016 by FR Forshay

    Peace family. It's a beautiful thing that we are here together, taking a first step towards rebuilding our community. However, I encourage all of us to seek out like minded people in our own cities and states. Let's use this as a tool to start making these connections.

  • Home

    Posted July 11, 2016 by Paul Reid

    Do you think that we, as a people, should return back to the motherland after education? It seems increasingly self-evident that ' they ' have no care or concern for our wellbeing. So, with all things being equal, would we be better served going home and starting over?

  • Why Do You Celebrate The 4th of July

    Posted July 4, 2016 by LaKisha McKenney-Foots

    Why do you celebrate The 4th of July? Freedom? Whose freedom? The Freedom that the forefathers of this country attained from England? So they could be free to do as they wanted? What they wanted was the freedom to continue to enslave an entire race of people. They wanted freedom of religion....


    Posted July 3, 2016 by Lioness Lewis

    I am very happy I found this site.... I believe I can now answer a question which Ive been longing to answer...! Black lives matter.., respect the fact that i'm colored.., hash tags and phrases like that I do agree with but in my profession I have been attacked soley by my people in this day and ...

  • Conscious Church Musician

    Posted June 28, 2016 by MasterStudent Kai

    Im giving my situation, I want to hear the opinions and thoughts of my brothers and sisters of this community. I was raised in church as a kid. My grandma would make me go every Sunday and I was active hella active in the church community. Im a musician, I play 4 instruments (piano, trumpet, eup...

  • Supporting Our Own Behind Enemy Lines

    Posted June 7, 2016 by Devetra BlueLotus Nefertiti

    Black Power What's up Fam...on behalf of OUr Brutha Afu Raka Wax. Lets get in formation and do what we must. It could be any of us! Make No Mistake This system don't give one fuck about us. It doesn't matter our job positions or statuses, if yo ass is black git back...but we know that's tempora...

  • Oshun

    Posted June 3, 2016 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Oshun is the Yorùbá Orisha (Deity) of the sweet or fresh waters (as opposed to the salt waters of Yemaya). She is widely loved, as She is known for healing the sick and bringing fertility and prosperity, and She especially watches over the poor and brings them what they need. As Orisha...

  • Oya

    Posted June 3, 2016 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Oya is the powerful Yorùbá Orisha of the winds and tempests. She is considered either the sister of the Orisha of storms Shango, or one of His three wives, with Oshun and Oba. She can manifest as winds ranging from the gentlest breeze to the raging hurricane or cyclone. She goes forth ...

  • Came across this, what yall think?

    Posted May 13, 2016 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Jodicius Aurelius 666 is not necessarily an evil thing, I mean, it's only considered evil if you're superstitious. 666 is the numerical representation of the physical reality, the carbon based reality, otherwise known as the Carbon Matrix. Someone mention the so-called time traveller, John Titor sup...

  • Best Commercial Relocation with Responsible Packers and Movers

    Posted March 30, 2016 by anjana jain

    Once you planning for commercial new house purchase from Pune then it can always better suggested to be able to you, to take the assistance from adroit removal firms of the city. Shifting your complete commercial goods aside from city premises is usually a tough responsibility of you and needs sure ...

  • Right Residential Relocation with Movers & Packers Pune

    Posted March 29, 2016 by anjana jain

    Pune has always been a perfect location to stay in whether it's the educational chance in the city, closeness to be able to Mumbai, IT sector plus jobs and the the majority of nice climate of typically the city. These all things are just enough for the person to reside in the city. And if a person i...

  • Easiest Office Relocation with Good Packers and Movers Pune

    Posted March 29, 2016 by anjana jain

    Whenever you planning for commercial new house purchase from Pune then is actually always better suggested in order to you, to take the skills from adroit removal companies of the city. Changing your whole commercial goods aside from city premises will be a tough responsibility of a person and needs...

  • Are Professional Reviews Actually Advantageous in Figuring out

    Posted March 28, 2016 by anjana jain

    Inside present age of technology, persons are buying items on the basis of its online worth in fact it is well maintained by simply customer reviews. When a person utilizes a product or perhaps services he writes their experience in order that it could be beneficial for others to make use of typical...

  • Hassle-free Relocation Keys to DIY

    Posted March 28, 2016 by anjana jain

    Following your big confusion of selecting the packers and movers or not if an individual have taken difficult choice to Do It Your self then you certainly must need to follow some moving methods for the safety of your respective house goods and if it does not take first time you are relocating your ...

  • 4 Things about Packers and Movers that You Are Unaware

    Posted March 28, 2016 by anjana jain

    When you hire packers and movers for shifting you assume only few duties through them which is packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. But actually the world of services associated with packers and movers will be above these four responsibilities. Above these four classes of action there are othe...

  • Painless Moving Tips for Do-it-yourself

    Posted March 28, 2016 by anjana jain

    After the big confusion of selecting the packers and movers or not if a person have taken difficult decision to Do It Oneself then you must need in order to follow some moving tricks for the safety of the house goods and if it is the first time you are usually relocating your own somewhere. So, here...

  • To Be Black

    Posted March 18, 2016 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    Meditational Thoughts:    Everything we have learned has come from "the white man".    So should we even consider ourselves black or brown when we run in many shades and tans?    I am tempted in placing myself in the category of OTHER since when I look at my ...

  • Natural Detox

    Posted January 24, 2016 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    There are natural ways and methods that detoxify the entire body and fortify the immune system in order to CURE & PREVENT diseases of any kind. It's time to ‪#‎healourselves‬... You should not consume wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, processed and fried foods, all kinds of GMO and you have to focus on o...

  • Chronology of The Royal Dynasties of Kmt by Dr Runoko Rashidi

    Posted December 27, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    A WORKING CHRONOLOGY OF THE ROYAL DYNASTIES OF KMT BY RUNOKO RASHIDI Nubian Dynasty (Qustul) Kingdom of Ta-Seti: ca. 3400 (?)-3200 B.C.E. Kamite Dynasty I: ca. 3200(?)-2890 B.C.E. (Selected Monarchs) Thinite Dynasty King Narmer rules over united Kmt. The White Wall (Memphis) is established a...

  • 100 percent black owned businesses

    Posted December 12, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    100% BLACK OWNED~~~~~~ *Toilet tissue company: Southern Fresh Toilet Paper Co: Southern Fresh Owner&Operater: *Grocery/Food Items: http://www.tro...

  • "It's a Jungle Out There" author unknown

    Posted December 10, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    I love listening to stories from my father. Here is one I want to share with you.   A young lion cub was tired of being stuck in the house where his mother swore to him; he was safer being. But the young cub wanted to venture out.   So he asked his mom; "mom". "Hmmm," she answered...

  • New Book Release - Readers Are Leaders!!!

    Posted December 8, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Cathy Harris Releases New Book - Readers Are Leaders!!!

  • Investing

    Posted November 21, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Rayet Intro To Investing By William Mason Jr. 1. Get a brokerage account. I recommend etrade & scottrade. Don’t get the account until you’re ready to buy. Once you open an account (the offer comes & goes) it comes with free trades for a limited time, so don’t waste free trades. Once you start ...

  • It's that time again, new online course with Dr Runoko Rashidi

    Posted November 12, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    THE WORLD THROUGH AFRICAN EYES--AN ONLINE COURSE AND STUDY GROUP THE WORLD THROUGH AFRICAN EYES is an online course and an attempt to begin to actually formalize an online study group for African history and the history of Africa in the world. It is taught and coordinated by Runoko Rashidi, world t...

  • Campaign To Take Back America - Action Plan - Nov. 3, 2015

    Posted November 5, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Nov. 3, 2015 – Action Plan - Refocus Your Energy on What Really Matters

  • Let's Talk Religion!

    Posted October 21, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    Blacks are so BRAIN WASHED that we willingly brain wash the next sister or brother with our scriptures bs. Excuse my disrespect if you have some "God" you worship but this post is about to get real nasty.      If you read ANY form of scriptures that dictates to you how to live your...

  • How I turned Vampire against Vampire and Saved 100+ Lives

    Posted October 14, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    At about 1:55pm I stepped out of my grandmothers house to pick up my niece from school. When I returned at about 2:35pm I smelled gas. It was so strong it burnt my right nostril. I evacuated my kids, niece and nephew and during so proceeded to go tell the leasing management. Along the way I spoke t...

  • New Scams

    Posted October 8, 2015 by Ajaye Jackson

    Today the Internet and satellite was hacked by France pissed at USA for stopping food shipments to Syria do ignore calls from people offering you money claiming apart of the federal government for personal grant or business grants if they don't have a four or six digit code then a call back with ema...

  • New Scams

    Posted October 8, 2015 by Ajaye Jackson

    Today the Internet and satellite was hacked by France pissed at USA for stopping food shipments to Syria do ignore calls from people offering you money claiming apart of the federal government for personal grant or business grants if they don't have a four or six digit code then a call back with ema...

  • Teachers Aren't The Same

    Posted October 5, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    Took my nephew to preschool this morning and was challenged by his teacher. Humbly I turned her down. For whatever reason she felt threatened by my presence. First of all my nephew entered her class (to which I didn't even know was his class) and she didn't say a good morning or anything at all. He ...

  • Life Path Master #33

    Posted October 2, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    A birth date that reduces down to 33 is very rare. When it does happen you may be looking at a great and significant spiritual leader along the lines of the Dalai Lama (Life Path 22) or Gandhi (Life Path 9). Remember that a 33 is also a 6 life path, a very nurturing and responsible number. 33 is...

  • Business Etiquette

    Posted September 26, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    Ok so I had to file the Paypal complaint against my brethren because I hadn't heard from him in almost 1 month right. Did this nut not call me within 1 hour of the complaint asking if I can remove the complaint because it stops him from receiving money etc from Paypal. It basically puts his account ...


    Posted August 14, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    A BASIC READING LIST ON AFRICAN HISTORYCOMPILED BY RUNOKO RASHIDI Akbar, Na'im. Visions for Black Men Nashville: Winston-Derek, 1991.Ani, Marimba. Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior Trenton: Africa World Press, 1994.Armah, Ayi Kwei. Two Thousand Seasons. ...

  • Royalty

    Posted August 10, 2015 by Porsche Neale

    We used to be the kings and queens of the land. The world in the palms of our hands. Now we are subjected to twerking videos, unjust shootings, anarchy and welfareMen are in prison and women aren't taking responsibility for the children's healthcare Our royal families are long forgotten. Not one p...

  • It's just to easy (pantoum)

    Posted August 10, 2015 by Porsche Neale

    Being me is the easiest thing that I could ever do.Myself is most authentic me I could ever be.As I see the copies of fake role modelsI wonder what my child will see. It’s the most authentic I could ever be.My self-appreciation comes deep from withinFrom the texture of my coily, wavy hairTo t...

  • The shame of consciousness

    Posted August 10, 2015 by Porsche Neale

    Good Evening Family! I got called "one of those mothers" today by some of my peers. It was funny, not as insulting as they intended, and a little sad.     So this woman's sons father bought his son some shoes. Nice, colorful, name brand shoes. The little boy loved the shoes but his moth...

  • 10 Foundations of African History

    Posted August 9, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    RUNOKO'S TEN HISTORICAL FOUNDATIONS 1. Africa is the Mother Continent of humanity. There is only one continent that gave birth to modern humanity and that is Africa. 2. Africa is the birthplace of human culture--agricultural science, the domestication of fire, art, science, religion, mathemati...

  • Ma'at

    Posted August 2, 2015 by Tyrone Givens

    There's a lot of confusion about ancient african spirituality. First, you need to learn "the language of the gods" "or "gods language" to even put everything in proper context. Be like Ashra Kwesi (youtube him) read it off the walls for yourselves. Learn from Rkty Amen, she is a master saba and an e...

  • These beasts are trying to redefine sexuality

    Posted July 17, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    AFA Reports Pedophilia Officially Classified as Sexual Orientation We need help!!! QUICKLY!!! LORD, please forgive us! According to the DSM-5, pedophilia “refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compuls...

  • Croc/Alligator Dream

    Posted July 15, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    Greetings, So last night I dreamed of a crocodile/alligator attacking me. It was just a baby and someone's pet. I was in a city that was clean and well maintained surrounded by buildings (from my understandings the buildings represents me). Although I was scared to death of the thing, when it got l...

  • SBPM Straight Black Pride Movement

    Posted July 9, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    LBGTQ Community Pressuring the National Black Theatre Into Canceling SBPM 1st Annual Black Family Convention: Straight Black Pride Movement - SBPM Press Release: Press Release ------- To All Members of the Black World Family: The Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) is an international Black mov...

  • Healing

    Posted June 29, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    I thought about a lot of what you all have been saying to me lately. It has been very helpful so I think I need to get something  off of my chest.  My soulmate and I are of no more. I'm not sure of the change. The when's, how's or why's. What I am sure of is that my heart is broken. ...

  • My Credit

    Posted June 17, 2015 by WIZ .

    This is my credit report breakdown. In 30 days you see how high my score has gone.( results not for everyone). Inbox me if you want to fix your credit. If you are ready inbox me ONLY Equifax Experian TransUnion 654 / 103+ 621 / 110+ 608 / 38+

  • Happy Father's Day - 2015

    Posted June 5, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Happy Father’s Day – 2015

  • Spider Symbol

    Posted May 29, 2015 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    Pay attention to your surroundings. Is there something that you see more times then others? Does it feel unusual to keep seeing the exact, same thing? My most recent is a spider that keeps landing somewhere on me. Why the spirits chose this particular creature to speak to me I am not sure. I am sca...

  • Eric Sheppard to The Valdosta Times

    Posted May 28, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Eric Sheppard to The Valdosta Times Memorandum Ultimatum: Let me Clear the Air and Set the Record Straight once and For All on Questions Inquiries Suggestions and otherwise in regards to this Entire Ordeal. We Will Determine who Is Truly Guilty and Who is Truly Innocent Throughout the Course o...


    Posted May 20, 2015 by WIZ .

    Adopt it? Or drop it? BLACK CODE: 1. I Am Black First. Before I am male, female, lgbt, rich, poor, skinny, or fat, I am First Black and all my allegiances are such. 2. I will not engage in, display, support or propagate Anything that reflects my people negatively. This includes tv, radio, movie...

  • Numerology

    Posted May 10, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Anyone study numerology? My birth date breaks down to a life path of # 6. 5+6+1+9+8+4=33 (3+3)= 6. LIFE PATH 6You posses great compassion and you seek to be of service to others. You have concern for the weak and the downtrodden. You are a healer and a helper to others. You are capable of giving com...

  • Happy Mother's Day 2015

    Posted May 7, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Happy Mother’s Day 2015 – Forward to All Women    

  • Campaign To Bring Mumia Home

    Posted April 27, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    The Campaign To Bring Mumia HomeApril 26th, 2015 #MumiaMonday: Make the Call For Mumia's Life MOVE and ICFFMAJ Statement on the Prison's Attempt to Murder MumiaThis government is actively killing Mumia right now at SCI Mahanoy. When Mumia was transferred to general population in December of 2012, ...

  • 100 Things you did NOT know about Africa

    Posted April 26, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    100 Things you did NOT know about Africa 1. The human race is of... African origin. The oldest known skeletal remains of anatomically modern humans (or homo sapiens) were excavated at sites in East Africa. Human remains were discovered at Omo in Ethiopia that were dated at 195,000 years old, the ...

  • Rest in Power & Rise in Peace

    Posted April 13, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Here are the names of Black people killed by police in 2015 (R.I.P) Click here: -> <- Walter Scott 50 Bernard Moore 62 Lavall Hall 25 Jonathan Ryan Paul 42 Terry Garnett Jr. 37 Monique Jenee Deckard 43 Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. 19 Tyrone Ryerson Lawrence 45 Naesch...

  • Are You Ready to Eat Foods For Your Blood Type?

    Posted April 4, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Are You Ready To Eat Foods For Your Blood Type?


    Posted March 18, 2015 by Cathy Harris - Got A Question? Ask The Expert

  • Celebrate Women's History Month 2015

    Posted March 3, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Celebrate Women’s History Month 2015

  • Message to the Warriors

    Posted March 1, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Warrior’s Rules - I have an unqualified love and respect for my/our children, complement, fellow warriors and Elders.- I believe in our “Race First.”- I do no...t sleep with my enemies.  I have no white (or other nonAfrikan) bed partners and do not procreate with them. - I ...

  • White History Month: Did you know?

    Posted February 21, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    THE PRACTICE OF EATING PINEAL GLANDS Not only have the images in the tombs and temples of African mummies been altered and defaced; there is a tradition dating back to at least 1000 A.D. in which Arabs and later Europeans engaged in the practice of 'eating mummy'. Ancient mummies were ground up and ...

  • Welcome to After Hours

    Posted February 11, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Welcome to After Hours Questions for Couple for Valentine's Day Can Vitamin E Pep Up Our Sex Life? Dear Cathy: My husband and I haven't touched each other in a while. We lost our sex drive a while back. Is there anything that we can do to get our love life back? I have always heard ...

  • What is melanin?

    Posted February 5, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    What is Melanin? Melanated people need to know the basics about melanin and how to nourish melanin so we can get some postive use from it. Melanated people are controlled by their failure to realize that the our race is a Melanin Dominate race. We Nourish ourselves frequently as if we're Caucasians...

  • Celebrate Black History Month

    Posted February 3, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Celebrate Black History Month  

  • 80 Uses of Organic Coconut Oil

    Posted February 2, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    80 TOTALLY AWESOME USES FOR COCONUT OIL Personal Hygiene/Body: 1. Moisturizer – simply scoop some out of the jar and apply all over your body, including neck and face. 2. Eye cream – apply under the eyes to reduce puffiness, bags, and wrinkles. Use on the lids in the evening. 3. Preshave...

  • Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

    Posted February 1, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Why New Year's Resolutions Fail  

  • Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

    Posted February 1, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Why New Year's Resolutions Fail  

  • Apology

    Posted January 29, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    THE APOLOGY They beat me and I called you to save me ... but you couldn't.. so I secretly resented you. They took our babies and sold them, I begged you to save us.. but you couldn't .. so I secretly blamed you.. They raped me, and I cried out for you to protect me... but you couldn't.....So I...

  • 365 Black Holidays

    Posted January 22, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    January 1-Heru Day; Haiti/Sudan Independence Day January 5-Dr. George Carver Day January 8-Noble Drew Ali Day January 9-Ahmed Sekou Toure January 12-Dr. Khalid Muhammad Day January 15- Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 16-Gaspar Yanga Day January 17-Muhammad Ali Day January 20-Amílcar Cabral...

  • Are You Setting New Year's Goals?

    Posted January 22, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Are You Setting New Year’s Goals – Welcome to!!!  

  • Discussion of The Isis Papers "Keys to the Colors"

    Posted January 21, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    The Isis Papers "Keys to the Colors" Dr. Frances Cress Welsing Racism/White supremacy is the local and global power system structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; this system consists of patterns of perception, log...

  • Repost- Black Manhood and The Isis Papers

    Posted January 19, 2015 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    "[The] major function as men is [to] defend, protect and support their people (in that order), even should death be the consequence." -- Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, “The Isis Papers,” (pg 92) We should be careful when white supremacy offers us a national hero to celebrate. I think it is i...

  • Do You in 2015

    Posted January 17, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    Do You in 2015!!!  

  • Causes for Teenage Rebellion

    Posted January 17, 2015 by Justine Word

    It is common for parents to believe that their teenager has a personal vendetta against them. Although it may seem this way, there is a much deeper meaning behind why teenagers seem to flock to rebellion. To understand the causes, however, one must first recognize the different types of rebellion. M...

  • Mass Incarceration: A New Form of Slavery

    Posted January 15, 2015 by Justine Word

    Mass Incarceration, the concentration of imprisonment amid African American men, is said to be a product of severer drug laws and more inflexible guidelines enacted in the 1970s during America’s “War on Drugs” (Whyy, 2013). The term can also be attributed to the United States&rsquo...

  • How To Raise Smart, Talented and Responsible Children

    Posted January 6, 2015 by Cathy Harris

    How To Raise Smart, Talented and Responsible Children

  • Global African Presence with Dr. Runoko Rashidi

    Posted December 23, 2014 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Runoko Rashidi Family, my new Facebook online course begins January 9, 2015. It is going to be a minimum of eleven weeks and it is going to be exciting and informative. Here is the class schedule: Weeks 1 through 3 will focus solely on Nile Valley civilization. It will look at Egyptian roots...

  • #1 New Year's Resolution - Put Your Health First!!!

    Posted December 19, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    It’s Time To Come Clean in 2015 - #1 New Year's Resolution - Put Your Health First!   Read "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days" Amazon E-book

  • What Authors Need To Know About Book Reviews

    Posted December 17, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    What Authors Need To Know About Book Reviews

  • Ancient Laws of Bantu

    Posted December 12, 2014 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    HIGH AND ANCIENT LAWS OF ALL BANTU (BAnTU i.e The People, or Afrikans or Black People etc etc) Bantu Cosmology:The High Laws! The 21 High Laws:Secret and Sacred Code of Love! The Bantu Laws of the Tribes! 1.The Girl One marries Is not chosen by oneself,but by one's Ancestors and that she...

  • Origins of hue-manity

    Posted December 12, 2014 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    Prof. Molefe Asante wrote "There is a common belief among whites that philosophy originates with the Greeks. The idea is so common that almost all of the books on philosophy start with the Greeks as if the Greeks pre-dated all other people when it came to discussion of concepts of beauty, art, nu...

  • Look for me in a whirlwind or a storm

    Posted December 12, 2014 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    "Look For Me In A Whirlwind Or A Storm" - Marcus Mosiah Garvey A Partial Recording and Transcript of a Speech Delivered (speculation) in Harlem, New York circa 1924 ...and protect the integrity of the Black millions and suffer! I decided to do the latter. There is no future for a people w...

  • Shaka Zulu

    Posted December 12, 2014 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    ‪#‎SALUTE‬ SHAKA ZULU Shaka was a great Zulu king and conqueror. He lived in an area of south-east Africa between the Drakensberg and the Indian Ocean, a region populated by many independent Nguni chiefdoms. During his brief reign more than a hundred chiefdoms were brought together in a Zulu king...

  • The effects of Relaxers on Black Women

    Posted December 12, 2014 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    A study in the American Journal of Epidemiology has linked hair relaxers to uterine fibroids, as well as early puberty in young girls. Scientists followed more than 23,000 pre-menopausal Black American women from 1997 to 2009 and found that the two- to three-times higher rate of fibroids among bl...

  • You Should Be Ashamed!

    Posted December 2, 2014 by Justice Will IAm Bey

    People have told me often (Negropeans) that my business model and my demonization of Ignorance in our Communities is the reason why we are not getting many Black Owned Businesses and Organizations Listed. Well from the Very Start I decided not to run this Entity like any other Business because we a...

  • Top 12 Habits That Can Keep You From Successful Business Owners

    Posted December 2, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Top 12 Habits That Will Keep You from Successful Business Ownership

  • What Churches Must Do To Save Communities

    Posted November 19, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    What Churches Must Do Now To Help Save Communities  

  • New Business Book Coming Soon by

    Posted August 24, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youths and Adult Entrepreneurs" TABLE OF CONTENTS Top Businesses for People Who Like to Cook/Bake Top Businesses for People With Green Thumbs  Top Businesses for People Who Like Cars  Top Businesses for People Who Like Animals  Top Bu...


    Posted August 22, 2014 by WIZ .

    KING JAMES ISN'T THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME. - History, Slavery, and the Bible Okay, so I read a lot & am sharing to help those who need to start somewhere about the history of the Bible. So technically (in MY opinion) the bible was not REcreated to enslave blacks, it was to enslave poor people mentally...

  • From the Organization for Black Struggle in St Louis, MO

    Posted August 20, 2014 by Oya Adisa Oshun The Goddess

    The Organization for Black Struggle, in conjunction with the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Coalition, has issued the following demands: Immediate Demands Local 1. Swift and impartial investigation by the Department of Justice into the Michael Brown shooting 2. Immediate arrest of Officer Darren ...

  • Virginia Slave Codes

    Posted August 16, 2014 by WIZ .

    Virginia Slave CodesExcerpts taken from William W. Henning, The Statutes at Large; Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia, v.2 (1823). Some of the language has been modernized.Document A: March 1661/62. Act CII: Run-aways.Whereas there are diverse loitering runaways in this country who very ...

  • Our progress right now!

    Posted August 5, 2014 by RaeShodd Martin

    So I was thinking about the conference call on Sunday and wanted to know.....has anybody gotten started yet? Talking about it sounded great, but I want to start making moves now!I see we're discussing the mission statementHas anyone come up with the new name yet?What about the paypal? Has it been se...

  • Our progress right now!

    Posted August 5, 2014 by RaeShodd Martin

    So I was thinking about the conference call on Sunday and wanted to know.....has anybody gotten started yet? Talking about it sounded great, but I want to start making moves now!I see we're discussing the mission statementHas anyone come up with the new name yet?What about the paypal? Has it been se...

  • 4 Options to Become a Published Author

    Posted July 23, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    DON’T TAKE YOUR DREAMS TO THE GRAVE WITH YOU!!!    Are You Ready to Make Your Dreams Come True of Becoming An Author?   4 Options to Become a Published Author:   1st Option:  Set Up a FREE Cathy Harris Book Writing Teleseminar for your group:

  • It's A New World

    Posted July 15, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    A MUST READ ARTICLE “It’s a New World”


    Posted June 18, 2014 by WIZ .

    Did you know that during slavery in the U.S. gay white slaveholders would buy male slaves to engage in forced homosexual sex acts? These male slaves were purchase based entirely on the prerequisite of them possessing a large penis. Black men were routinely raped by their gay slave owners. Th...

  • Are You Ready to Become an Author?

    Posted June 18, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    ARE YOU READY TO BECOME AN AUTHOR?   How To Write A Book: The Complete Guide To Writing and Selling Your Own Paperback and E-book now available as Audiobook.   Audiobook Sample   Buy audiobook from Amazon

  • Happy Father's Day

    Posted June 15, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Happy Father’s Day  

  • Cathy Harris Launches National Community Empowerment Think Tank

    Posted May 20, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Cathy Harris Launches National Community Empowerment Think Tanks & Mobile Training Centers

  • Special Mother’s Day Edition from

    Posted May 11, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Special Mother’s Day Edition from

  • Cathy Harris Launches 90 Day Health Initiative and Challenge fo

    Posted May 11, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Are You Ready for a Health Revolution? Cathy Harris Launches 90 Day Health Initiative and Challenge for the Entire Black Family

  • UI: The Trash They Call "TV"

    Posted May 9, 2014 by Shereen Renee


  • Should You Start a Non-Profit Business?

    Posted April 28, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Should You Start a Non-profit Business?  

  • If I Only Had A Brain - Why We Live in A Brain-Dead Society

    Posted April 16, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    If I Only Had a Brain – Why We Live in a Brain-Dead (Zombie-Like) Society

  • Part 2 - Why Network Marketing is Killing the Black Community

    Posted April 11, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Part 2 - Why Network Marketing is Killing the Black Community   Part 1 - Why Network Marketing is Killing the Black Community http://myemail.constantconta...

  • Why Network Marketing is Killing the Black Community

    Posted April 4, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Why Network Marketing is Killing the Black Community

  • Presents Women's History Month

    Posted March 26, 2014 by Cathy Harris Presents Women’s History Month

  • Hair vs. Food - Join the Natural Movement Today

    Posted March 13, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Hair vs. Food – Join the Natural Hair Movement Today!  

  • Campaign to Stop Women from Enlisting in the Military

    Posted February 24, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Campaign to Keep Women from Enlisting in the Military LaVena Johnson was a nineteen year-old African American Army Private who was found dead on a military base in Iraq in 2005. The U.S. Army ruled her death a suicide, but an autopsy report revealed she had a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, ...

  • How To Write A Book Teleseminar

    Posted February 12, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    SAVE THIS DATE!!! Cathy Harris Presents “How To Write A Book Teleseminar” Feb. 25, 2014, Tuesday, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. (est) Call: (712) 432-0370 Access Code: 678115   Other Videos by Cathy Harris TV

  • Cathy Harris Speaks at Princeton University

    Posted February 11, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Cathy Harris Speaks at Princeton University  

  • A Special Valentine's Edition

    Posted February 8, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    A Special Valentine’s Edition from


    Posted January 30, 2014 by WIZ .

    John Parker, Underground Railroad Conductor died January 30, 1900 Born: 1827 Died: January 30, 1900 Birthplace: Norfolk, Virginia John P. Parker was born in Norfolk, Virginia , the son of a white father and a slave mother. He was sold to a slave agent from Richmond, Virginia at age eight. Parker w...

  • Hour Time Now Radio Show

    Posted January 29, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    HOURTIMENOW.COM RADIO SHOW   Joey White Introduces Radio on Thefirst show is Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 3:30pm - 4:00pm (Pacific).  Go to link to listen live or call in at (347) 205-9867 ...


    Posted January 25, 2014 by WIZ .


  • How To Engage in A Complete Detoxification Program

    Posted January 24, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    How To Engage in a Complete Detoxification Program – E-article by CathyHarrisSpeaks.comAmazon - .99 - $1.50http://...

  • Cathy Harris Empowerment E-newsletter

    Posted January 24, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Cathy Harris Empowerment E-newsletter – Jan. 23, 2014 Harris Launches Cathy Harris TV on

  • Don't Go to Gym - Do a Detox Program First

    Posted January 8, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    Don’t Go to the Gym – Do A Detox Program First!

  • How To Reinvent Yourself in 2014

    Posted January 8, 2014 by Cathy Harris

    How To Reinvent Yourself in 2014 by Cathy Harris, The Empowerment Guru  

  • THE CONNECTION: Don't Just Let it Happen... MAKE IT HAPPEN

    Posted January 2, 2014 by Alvin Washington Jr

    As the calendar turns another year, a disturbing milestone has crossed us in the realm of Black Media.  An article in the New Pittsburgh Courier indicates that the last Black-owned television stations have been sold, leaving us with no representation in the most influential medium in this count...


    Posted December 20, 2013 by Kenyanda Reddy

    Problem in the urban community, See this is the issue that I am running into. Thieves, people who steal. Break in your cars and homes with no remorse and take what people work very hard for. I hate thieves with a passion. I have had my home broken into twice and wiped out twice in the last three ye...

  • Where Are All the Real Men?

    Posted December 20, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    WHERE ARE ALL THE REAL MEN? It's Time to Get Fired Up and Start Fixing Families in 2014 from Cathy Harris, The Empowerment Guru,   It's time to come out of the shadows...and into the light...It's time to ask the hard questions in 2014. You are either a part of the pr...

  • Take Care of Your Teeth As You Age

    Posted December 20, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    Take Care of Your Teeth As You Age   Now that I am in Tampa, Florida for at least 3 more months, I am working with seniors conducting in-home health seminars and workshops and have a series of books that caters to them. Many seniors want me to spread this message to my audience abou...

  • Top New Year's Resolutions

    Posted December 20, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    Top New Year’s Resolutions   Happy Holidays…Cathy Harris Gives the Gift of Information See You Next Year…2014…  

  • Beyonce dropped her album...

    Posted December 14, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    Beyoncé dropped an album yesterday morning with no promotion or advertising. She just spent virtually zero dollars on marketing her new album, knowing her fans would market it for her. Want proof? Just look at your social media timelines.She's relying on her fans to spread the word about the ...

  • Are African Americans Wired to Become Business Owners?

    Posted December 13, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    Are African Americans Wired to Become Business Owners? YOU OR CAN YOU BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR IN 2014?I am not writing this article to offend anyone but I am writing it to educate, inform and empower all current and future business owners especially Afric...

  • Dr. Boyce: 7 Powerful Ways Black People Can Obliterate White Su

    Posted December 10, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    By Dr. Boyce WilliamsI don¿t know about you, but I AM SICK OF IT.  I am sick of living in a world where my people finish last.  I¿m tired of seeing our kids being brainwashed into becoming drug-addicted, womanizing, lazy, wannabe thugs by a media industry that is determined t...

  • Home Schooling

    Posted November 22, 2013 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    For my sistahs and brothas that are looking to homeschool their children I am working on completing the document needed from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. I have 1st, 5th and 7th grade completed because those are the grades my babies will be in next year. If you are interested and would like a...

  • White History: Nothing But A Huge April Fools Joke

    Posted November 21, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    April Fools’ Day is celebrated in different western cultures around the world. Although it’s not a national holiday, it is widely recognized when many people engage in all types of foolishness. The day is filled  of good-humored hoaxes, and other pranks with various degrees of soph...

  • Cops vs Family

    Posted November 17, 2013 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    HAVE YALL SEEN THIS???? I had to switch to Hourtimenow so I can PRIVATELY say what I needed to...1. When there are children in your vehicle; PULL OVER AND STAY PUT! AUTOMATIC child endangerment charge as she received.  2. Her son had EVERY RIGHT to defend his mom because that is what the B...


    Posted November 13, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    It's No Accident why Strangers (Foreigners) who Live within (Among) us in our Communities Own Everything. Lend (Sell) us Everything we Need. Think about it. Ladies: When you Need your Hair weave, Nails Done Who Lend you the products you need? Who Mostly Take care of you in the Nail shop?When you ne...

  • Duke Professor: White People Are Racist No Matter What

    Posted November 7, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    Duke University sociology professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva told students during a lecture Thursday that white people are racist pretty much no matter what they do or say.¿We are not post-racial,¿ he said, according to The Dartmouth. ¿This ideology is suave but deadly.¿The ...

  • Don't Leave Tax Breaks on the Table By Jason Alderman

    Posted November 2, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    If someone told you there's a way for you to potentially save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on your income taxes by simply spending a few minutes reviewing your benefits and tax paperwork, would you think it sounds like a late-night TV marketing scam? It's not. You've still g...

  • The Truth About Relaxers

    Posted October 27, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    There are 2 kinds of relaxers:- Lye: Sodium Hydroxide- No Lye: Guanidine, lithium, or potassium Hydroxide Which is better you may ask? Well, both are harmful, although the no lye is slightly less damaging. Both have a high PH meaning they are highly alkaline. When placed on your hair it immediately...


    Posted October 25, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    Epidemically around the world, hundreds of millions of Nappy People are afflicted with full-blown AANS, "Acquired Anti-Nappy Syndrome." While no nappy person is born with it, they acquire it from their parents and family. AANS victims assault their hair with scorching metal combs and grease, frying ...

  • Black people WAKE UP!! Martin Luther King was a agent that was

    Posted October 22, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    Our people (blacks hispanics and native americans) dont even see the game When Martin Luther (Sellout) King wanted us to mix races with this cracker it was a sellout because whites got rich and black stores were brought out and now we dont even have a means of support, very clever on this cracker to...

  • Self-Defense Organizations in the Afrikan Community: The Deacon

    Posted October 22, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    The Deacons for Defense and Justice was an armed self-defense African-American civil rights organization in the U.S. Southern states during the 1960s. Historically, the organization practiced self-defense methods in the face of racist oppression that was carried out under the Jim Crow Laws by local/...

  • Ruby Bridges: African-American activist

    Posted October 22, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954. She is an African-American activist.Bridges was born in a little cabin around Tylerton, Mississippi to a very poor family. Her father, Abon, and mother, Lucille, were determined to get their daughter an education and take a stand. Because of their forthrig...

  • "The Four Stages of White Supremacy" by Neely Fuller

    Posted October 22, 2013 by Brandy AlexandriyAh

    Stage 1: The ESTABLISHMENT of white supremacy. the sum total of all speech and/or action, by those white persons who seek to dominate (through the practice of racism) those persons "classified" as "non-white"EXAMPLE: Invading the lands of non-white peopleStage 2: The MAINTENANCE of white suprem...

  • Nick Biddle

    Posted August 24, 2013 by WIZ .

        Even before blacks were officially recognized as federal soldiers, many slaves like Nick Biddle escaped and joined Union lines. In 1861, he wore a uniform, traveled with his employee’s company to Baltimore to help protect Washington, D.C., after the surrender of Fort Sumter. ...


    Posted August 23, 2013 by WIZ .

      The first black president of mexico VICENTE GUERRERO !Vicente guerrero on the right the second president of Mexico abolished slavery and on the left pio de jesus pico last governor of mexican california


    Posted August 21, 2013 by WIZ .

      MESSAGE TO THE BLACK MAN & WOMAN: WAKE UP!!!!!!INTERVIEWER: "Can you address their concerns Mr.Chang?"MR. CHANG: "The concerns of Black people? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of White Supremacy. We Asian people look back at our long history of conflict with the Eur...


    Posted August 17, 2013 by WIZ .

        BLACK HISTORY MONTH: BLACK HEROINES, PART 8: SOLITUDE: HEROINE AND MARTYR OF THE GREAT 1802 REBELLION She was about eight years old when her mother faded out of her life forever. We know very little about the years that passed before this orphan would defiantly call herself...

  • Imhotep: The True Father of Medicine

    Posted August 16, 2013 by WIZ .

      Imhotep: The True Father of Medicine   Everyone in the field of medicine knows about the hippocratic oath.  The Hippocratic Oath is an oath traditionally taken by physicians pertaining to the ethical practice of medicine. It is widely believed that it w...

  • Are You Just Surviving or Are You Thriving?

    Posted August 9, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    A Heartfelt Message from Cathy Harris – Are You Just Surviving or Are You Thriving?  

  • An Open Letter To All Black Fathers

    Posted August 9, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    An Open Letter to All Black Fathers  

  • No Bull Toilet Tissue = Group Buying Power BLACK CONSUMERS COO

    Posted July 31, 2013 by Buy Black

    During the month of August we need you to join and share efforts to form black cooperatives.  Here is the first one. There is a $10.00 lifetime membership fee, the benefits outweigh the nominal fee.   No Bull Toilet Tissue = Group Buying Power BLACK CONSUMERS COOPERATIVE ... We are n...

  • Wake the People and Put Our Health First

    Posted July 16, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    Wake the People and Health and Wellness Teleseminar with Cathy Harris on July 25, 2013, Thursday, 7:00-8:30 p.m. (eastern)

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing Teleseminars

    Posted July 16, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    Writing Teleseminar with Non-Fiction Book Writing Expert Cathy Harris Introducing Fiction Book Writing Expert Kasey Moone on July 23, 2013, Tuesday, 7:00-8:00 p.m. (eastern) ...

  • Black on Black Patrol

    Posted July 15, 2013 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    BLACK ON BLACK PATROLOne of the solutions we need as a Black race is to have our own policing. BBP will be of the colors green, yellow, red and black. (Rastafarian for those who didn't catch that). Our job would be to monitor activities within our communities. To pay attention to the youth and ...

  • Police Interactions 101

    Posted July 14, 2013 by Cathy Harris

    The way I see it is -- "You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution."  I just released "Police Interactions 101: How To Interact with the Police in Your Car, On the Streets, In Your Home"

  • Black People in America vs Amerikkka

    Posted July 14, 2013 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    I think we should file a International Civil Lawsuit against Amerikka ( if you know what I am trying to say correct me). Them vs. The Black Communities within each city and state.Sounds silly but what they are doing creates psychological abuse and that's what they will be sued for. We have plenty of...


    Posted July 12, 2013 by WIZ .

    Sylvester Magee (May 29, 1841? – October 15, 1971)[1] was an African American who allegedly was the last former slave in the United States. His claim is undocumented and controversial. However, he received much publicity and was accepted for treatment...


    Posted July 8, 2013 by WIZ .

    The Hamburg Massacre ((•)) On this day July 8, 1876, the small town of Hamburg, South Carolina erupted in violence as the community's African American militia clashed with whites from the surrounding rural area. Hamburg was a small all-black community across the river from Augusta, Georgia....


    Posted July 3, 2013 by WIZ .

    In October of 1934 a particularly gruesome lynching took place in Marianna Florida as is recounted here:Not long after midnight on October 26, 'an armed mob of approximately 100 men stormed the county jail at Brewton, Alabama,' and seized Claude Neal, a black man accused of the murder of ...


    Posted July 3, 2013 by WIZ .

    About Prince Hall Freemasonry: From The Desk Of Amun Ka Lakus:- You have no knowledge of the charters, orders & rites of neither Prince Hall, Universal Brotherhood, nor The Nuwaupian Grand Lodge.- Prosidering (never a con) that men like Albert Pike never took the Egiptian initiate, how could Cauca...

  • Niq.qer

    Posted June 30, 2013 by Empress Nyrari Yisra'EL

    This isn't my work but I felt it was worth blogging about. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?        @Sam Knight: “loved this article. I can’t even begin to care less about any Webster’s Dictionary definition of the ‘n’ word.”+++++++++++++++++++++...

  • Strange Fruit

    Posted June 25, 2013 by WIZ .

      The song "Strange Fruit" was a musical statement about lynching. Lynching named after Charles Lynch, a justice of the peace who administered rough justice in Virginia. Lynching was originally a system of punishment used by whites against African American slaves. However, whites who pr...


    Posted May 17, 2013 by WIZ .


  • racist catholic attorney and his side kid priest along with bla

    Posted March 18, 2013 by DENNIS C. LATHAM

    Listen for yourself - how catholics say they eat JESUS' FLESH LITERALLY and drink HIS BLOOD literally.

  • unholy pulpits exposed – Montgomery, AL. Article 1

    Posted March 18, 2013 by DENNIS C. LATHAM

    By Dennis C. LathamJune 13, 2012 Romans 16:17-1817 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair spee...


    Posted March 10, 2013 by WIZ .

    11 General Orders of a Sentry Navy Version   1. To take charge of this post and all government property in view.   2. To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert, and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.   3....

  • History of Depo-Provera

    Posted March 10, 2013 by WIZ .

    From the desk : of Dr. Randy ShortHistory of Depo-Provera:*1967-1978: The largest test on humans of Depo-Provera begins and is conducted for eleven years through the Grady Clinic in Atlanta, GA on 14,000 women. 50% of the subjects in this experiment were Black, low-income, and rural women. The trial...

  • Test

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    Posted February 24, 2013 by WIZ .

    How to Start a Cooperative Preface This guide outlines the process of organizing and financing a cooperative business. Rather than being a complete handbook, this publication represents the most important elements to consider when forming a cooperative.  It lists what special expertise is nec...


    Posted January 17, 2013 by WIZ .

    "BOTHA'S PLAN FOR BLACKS" THE FOLLOWING  is a speech made by former South African President P.W. Botha to his Cabinet. This reprint was written by David G. Mailu for the Sunday Times, a South African newspaper, dated August 18, 1985. A few words of type that were illegible have been del...

  • How to manage black communities

    Posted January 8, 2013 by WIZ .

    How to manage black communities   by   What if black America were populated with those who possessed the intellectual capacity of Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Angela McGlowan, and Carol M. Swain? Well, this will get me ...

  • Economist Richard Duncan: [White] Civilization May Not Survive

    Posted January 2, 2013 by David McNeill

    By Terry Weiss, Money Morning Richard Duncan, formerly of the World Bank and chief economist at Blackhorse Asset Mgmt., says America's $16 trillion federal debt has escalated into a "death spiral, "as he told CNBC. And it could result in a depression so severe that he doesn't "think our ci...


    Posted January 2, 2013 by WIZ .

    OATH TO OUR ANCESTORSBy Chief Elder Ray Hagins(Sa Ra Ankhotep Maakheru Setep En Ra)O Ancestors! Blacker than a thousand midnights…Afrikan Ancestors! It is to YOU that we, your children, give respect and honor.O Ancestors! We call upon YOU and welcome you in this place…Afrikan Anc...


    Posted December 19, 2012 by WIZ .

    -In a scathing report issued by China’s Information Office of the State Council, China condemned America’s treatment of its Afro-descendants and other minorities and cited America’s numerous human rights violations against its minorities-.“The State Department of the United S...

  • 12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself by Nannie Helen Burroug

    Posted October 31, 2012 by WIZ .

    I JUST HAD TO REPOST THIS ARTICLE FROM BLACK MEN IN AMERICA... WE NEED TO READ AND HEED THESE 12 THINGS..   12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself by Nannie Helen Burroughs(Published in the early 1900′s) 1.  The Negro Must Learn To Put First Things First.  The First Things...


    Posted October 22, 2012 by WIZ .

    By: Mr. Glen Whidden (retired) C.I.A Agent1. Your battery temperature is key into knowing rather or not your cell phone is being monitored. Stay off the phone for awhile and if the battery remains hot your phone is being used by another source, whether its to track you or to listen to your call...

  • 8 Ways That Slavery Still Affects Black People's Behavior Today

    Posted September 6, 2012 by WIZ .

     By TraeKi Walton 8 Ways That Slavery Still Affects Black People's Behavior Today......1.) COMPETITIVE NATURE - Black people have a competitive nature among one another, also know as "crabs in a barrel" complex. Often we people of color see another person of color doing well, inst...


    Posted August 24, 2012 by WIZ .

    RECORDING REQUESTED BY,               ]     AND WHEN RECORDED RETURN TO:          ]                                         ...

  • Lengthen Your Legs On The Other hand Choose Shoe Lifts

    Posted August 16, 2012 by Willard Reese

    If you want to develop taller quickly and also you are desperate not to use heel lifts, then something which may tempt you is the choice of undergoing leg lengthening surgery. Yes surgery will help you grow a couple of inches but is it really the very best option for you to undergo?If you are consid...


    Posted August 12, 2012 by WIZ .

    August 12, 2012 Social Commentary                                             &...


    Posted August 9, 2012 by WIZ .


  • The Good Negro Statue

    Posted August 9, 2012 by WIZ .

         Wow ! Check this out....The Good Darkey Statue !! A Bronze statue of the "Good Negro" erected at Natchitoches, Louisiana, A reminder of proper subservience and of white supremacy. Erected on city property in 1927, the statue was paid for by Jack Bryan, a White banker and busi...

  • Black Mexicans

    Posted August 9, 2012 by WIZ .

    Pío de Jesús Pico (May 5, 1801 – September 11, 1894) was the last Governor of Alta California (now the State of California) under Mexican rule. Píco was a third-generation Californio. He was born at the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel to José María ...


    Posted August 8, 2012 by WIZ .

            "FAMOUS CARTOONIST PASSED FOR WHITE"George Joseph Herriman (August 22, 1880 – April 25, 1944) was an American cartoonist, best known for his classic comic strip "Krazy Kat."George Herriman was born in a light-skinned, Creole African-American family in New Orle...


    Posted August 8, 2012 by WIZ .

    1928: "ILLITERATE BLACK MAN EARNED MILLIONS-KILLER HIRED TO MURDER HIM"James Jerome Johnson (1877-1946)“Cracker Johnson” James Jerome "Cracker" Johnson lived before and during the Harlem Renaissance in Palm Beach County. Cracker Johnson had a tremendous influence not only in the c...


    Posted August 8, 2012 by WIZ .

    "FIRST BLACK OWNED AUTOMOBILE COMPANY-THE BLACK HENRY FORD"Charles Rich Patterson was born a slave in Greenfield, Ohio and developed the first black-owned automobile company in the United States. Patterson's success started after he ran away in 1865 and became a blacksmith. He worked to build ...

  • Pimps in the Pulpit

    Posted July 31, 2012 by WIZ .

    July 31, 2012 Social Commentary                                             &nb...

  • Fact for the day

    Posted July 25, 2012 by WIZ .

     On this day in 1943, the 1st warship was named after an African American Leonard Roy Harmon. USS Harmon was launched at Bethlehem Steel Company's Fore River shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts. Harmon was born in Cuero, Texas & at the age of 22 he enlisted in the U. S. Navy in June 1939. He trai...

  • This has to stop

    Posted July 25, 2012 by WIZ .

    July 24, 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Immediate                                      Contact: Joey M. White Website: www.h...

  • Mark Essex; Walk it like you talk it

    Posted July 16, 2012 by WIZ .

    Mark James Robert Essex was born in Emporia, Kansas. After graduating from Emporia Senior High School in 1967 Essex attended Emporia State University, where he dropped out after only one semester. He joined the United States Navy as a dental technician in 1969, stationed i...

  • Melanin

    Posted July 15, 2012 by WIZ .

    Brothers and Sistas, let us begin from the beginning to explain what Black is. Why are you Black? You are Black because you have MELANIN. MELANIN is a carbon that does not deteriorate over time. It is produced by an enzyme called MELATONIN and for melatonin to produce melanin it needs a catalyst enz...

  • Press Release

    Posted June 20, 2012 by WIZ .

    PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: JOEY M. WHITE/ Office: 323.385.6609 Blatant Racism Needs to Stop Los Angeles, CA June 20, 2012 – It has come to the attention of the members of that the Adidas Shoes group was in the process of placing for sale s...

  • Choose the right software

    Posted June 11, 2012 by Bartholomew Owen

    Everywhere you can observe pc application. From the actual billing in a retail stores for your month-to-month financial institution declaration, the actual computerization has become an integral part and there are different software for various application. Even the software programs are being used ...

  • Hotel Sales Increase in Nyc in 2011 by Propertyshark

    Posted May 27, 2012 by Bartholomew Owen

    New York, NY (1888PressRelease) February 24, 2012 - Using more than $3.2 billion in sales in 2011, New York City's hospitality market witnessed a 148% increase when compared with 2010 and a 524% increase over 2009. This increase made 2011 register a 5-year high in volume of sales. The numbers indica...

  • How you can Set up Sheetrock Within Corners Effectively

    Posted May 26, 2012 by Bryan Matos

    Find the correct way to set up sheetrock. Should one allow the items to be divided or rear end all of them closely with each other on installation? Creating supplies are essential to the building project. Finding the right provider and pieces to match are part of the sport. Knowing how and where to ...

  • Making the most of Unwanted weight Acquire With My Top Ten Tips

    Posted May 21, 2012 by Bartholomew Owen

    While you make an effort to put on weight and add good looking muscle mass to your body, maintain these types of ten suggestions in mind. One. Get a good night's sleep. Ages back, Franco Colombu accustomed to state that 1 hour associated with rest prior to midnight had been really worth 2 hours asso...

  • Advantages Of Applying For A 0alance Transfer Credit Cards

    Posted May 21, 2012 by Bryan Matos

    For a look at the credit card marketplace today, probably the most well-liked ones are the 0% stability move credit cards. Have you regarded as the benefits that a absolutely no balance move credit card can bring a person? Zero Percent Curiosity Credit Card Benefits Summarize all of your balances in...

  • Talking Points You Need To Know Prior to Forming A Joint Endeav

    Posted May 20, 2012 by Bryan Matos

    There are many situations within the diverse world of business these days which justify the necessity to enter a joint venture advertising relationship. After listening to partnership marketing, somebody may be looking forward to having their business transformed by making an connections along with ...

  • Steps to make Sure Your Audience Is simply Caring It

    Posted May 20, 2012 by Bartholomew Owen

    Evidently our ear would be the quickest paths to the hearts. As Hendes Christian Anderson stated: "When words fall short, songs speaks.Inch And now, more than ever before, it is sound which paints 1,000 words in almost any demonstration. Whether it's the acquainted seem pattern we hear whenever we s...

  • Fascinating Facts About Wines Tasting Tour

    Posted May 19, 2012 by Bartholomew Owen

    Wines mouth watering tours is generally a trip designed for particular reason for sample wines. This kind of trip is generally completed GW2 Gold in wines country such as Even caribbean cruises and Sonoma Valley in Ca. These are this kind of regions exactly where fruit tend to be dramatically develo...

  • Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi

    Posted April 17, 2012 by WIZ .

    Mu`ammar al-Qadhafi was a friend to the black man and woman.. everyone else is faking. know your enemy because your enemy surely knows you.   THE BLACKS WILL PREVAILIN THE WORLD The latest age of slavery is the whiterace's enslavement of the black race.The black man will not forget this unti...

  • Who I Admire

    Posted April 16, 2012 by WIZ .

    This is from Brother S.r. Shakur on facebook..check it out. Post comments below So Many FUCKEN Worshipers of The DEAD Amongst Us. Now I Have As Much Respect as Anyone for The Dead And All They Brought To This World, But I Have A Major Dilemma With All Of These Supposed Enlightene...