• Candace Washington


    Posted by Candace Washington February 1 - 4 votes - 31 views
    What do y'all think? Can we continue to live in America and strive to achieve a truly "post racial society"?
  • Justine Word

    Influences on Black Adolescence

    Posted by Justine Word January 23 - 10 votes - 50 views
    Which of the following do you think has the greatest influence on black teenagers?
  •  WIZ .

    Site Question

    Posted by WIZ . July 29, 2014 - 5 votes - 121 views
    What do you need/want and desire to make the site more usable? I see we have alot of members, but not many utilize it often. what is missing? Open poll
  • Ajaye Jackson

    How Make People are Interested In Starting their own Business

    Posted by Ajaye Jackson July 24, 2014 - 3 votes - 117 views
    If you have about $300 no more than $1,000 and are ready to start you "Own Business", Online, or in Home Business, and you are ready to get started. We think that 80% of the people working would rather own their own business, or want to make money PT, in their own thing at home instead of working for someone else. What do you think, do you think than more People are Wanting to Start their own B
  • Anna Thompson

    Network Capitalization

    Posted by Anna Thompson March 13, 2014 - 5 votes - 305 views
    Do you have 3 people to unite with?
  • Kimberly Robinson

    Black Banks

    Posted by Kimberly Robinson June 12, 2013 - 20 votes - 523 views
    How many people would invest their money in a Black owned bank before the end of the calendar year if they could?