• Raven Wright

    Race of god & Black psychology

    Posted by Raven Wright Wed at 9:06 AM - 1 vote - 1 view
    Do you think it is psychologically healthier for Blacks, anywhere in the diaspora, to worship a god that looks like a Black person, Middle Eastern Arab, Middle Eastern Jew, South Asian, East Asian, Native American, European, or Latin American mestizo?
  • Raven Wright

    Liberation Management

    Posted by Raven Wright September 14 - 2 votes - 9 views
    Do you think it's best either to have tiny little organizations, doing their own thing locally towards Black American liberation, or to have one national organization, raising donations/membership dues from millions of impoverished Black American slaves and then allocating them strategically for different local projects towards national Black American liberation? Please use comments to explain why
  • Raven Wright

    Black Geography

    Posted by Raven Wright May 31 - 3 votes - 52 views
    What is your ideal geographic goal or plan for Blacks to attain freedom and equality?
  • Raven Wright

    Black Labels

    Posted by Raven Wright May 30 - 6 votes - 67 views
    What is your identity? If you do not find your label, choose "Other" and please describe and define it in a comment. I asked the group to define Moorish and Moorish American and no one has defined it for me, so I hope someone finally does so now for this poll if my understanding is incorrect.
  • Raven Wright

    Participation in using the "n-word"

    Posted by Raven Wright May 28 - 4 votes - 61 views
    Do you describe certain kinds of Black Americans as "n-words?" Describe the category of Black Americans, whom you describe as "n-words," and describe the category that gives you legitimacy to do so. That description can be race, skin color, hair type, eye color, class, education, religion, political philosophy, ethnicity, racial mixture, primary language, employment.
  •  WIZ .

    Inquiring Mind

    Posted by WIZ . December 29, 2016 - 6 votes - 202 views
    What does fb have that is missing from this site?
  • David Miles

    Paper versus GOLD

    Posted by David Miles December 27, 2016 - 3 votes - 154 views
    What would have more value, not just to you but to the world, oil backed paper or GOLD?
  • jamila dennis

    protect the youth

    Posted by jamila dennis December 7, 2016 - 7 votes - 154 views
    This poll is to think of ways to help the youth in your community or a poverty stricken community. What are some things we can do to help poverty stricken children stay off the streets?...
  • Kimberly  Coleman (Arising Truth)

    Where should we start to come up?

    Posted by Kimberly Coleman (Arising Truth) October 14, 2016 - 10 votes - 179 views
    This survey is in regards to where do you feel our people should start to get ourselves back on the right track as a race. (As a whole) in your comment you can elaborate and the put the answers in order of most to least important if you like☺
  • Justice Will IAm Bey

    Revolver Map On Members Home Page

    Posted by Justice Will IAm Bey September 15, 2016 - 8 votes - 206 views
    This map was intended to show us locations of where members are using the site from. When people are on the site, the map will show your IP Location. Nothing specific, just what city you are using the site from. It does contribute, just a little, to the sites operational speed. Not by much though. Approximately 1/1000th of a second delay in external server requests. This means that if 1000 people