• Raven Wright

    Black American Recreational & Entertainment Businesses

    Posted by Raven Wright Mon at 9:05 PM - 1 vote - 0 views
    What kind of recreational or entertainment businesses would you like to see created first for Black Americans by pooling money together nationwide? Please give reasons in the comments below.
  • Raven Wright

    Your Black Female Hero

    Posted by Raven Wright Mar 8 - 3 votes - 48 views
    Which Black woman in history is your personal hero? If the name of the person is not on the list, please choose "Other" & provide that Black woman's name in the "Comments?"
  • Raven Wright

    Race & Representation in U.S. Government

    Posted by Raven Wright Feb 27 - 5 votes - 46 views
    Do you think that a politician's membership in the black race translates into political representation for the Black Americans, who voted for them?
  • Raven Wright

    Voting Democrats Out of Majority Black American Districts

    Posted by Raven Wright Feb 27 - 1 vote - 42 views
    How do you feel about Black Americans' voting both black and white Democrats out of as many public offices as possible within majority Black American districts and then, replacing them with non-partisan, politically detached Black Americans with no experience in government?
  • Raven Wright

    Race & Political Power in U.S. Government

    Posted by Raven Wright Feb 27 - 2 votes - 48 views
    Do you think that the numerous black faces we see in various levels (i.e. city, county, state legislatures, U.S. House of Representatives) of the U.S. government translates into political power for all Black Americans or just for the African-Americans, who are politically connected?
  • Raven Wright

    Black Americans, Reparations, & the Democratic Party

    Posted by Raven Wright Feb 27 - 2 votes - 51 views
    Do you think Black American slave descendants will ever get the reparations that the U.S. owes them if they keep voting for the Democratic Party in every election? If so, explain in the comments what year and under what conditions do you think Black Americans will receive their reparations as a reward for voting for the Democratic Party in every election.
  • Raven Wright

    Black Americans & Quid Pro Quo Voting Tactics

    Posted by Raven Wright Feb 27 - 2 votes - 45 views
    Do you think that Black Americans should employ quid pro quo voting (something for something) tactics in elections?
  • Raven Wright

    Ways to observe Black American History Month

    Posted by Raven Wright Feb 15 - 3 votes - 68 views
    What have you done or plan to do in observance of Black American History Month 2018?
  • Darien Fitzpatrick

    Should Black People Support Mo'Nique

    Posted by Darien Fitzpatrick Feb 9 - 2 votes - 68 views
    We know what is going on with Netflix, lowballing, and the general mistreatment of black females in entertainment. What's your opinion ?
  • Raven Wright

    MLK Jr.'s infidelity & academics

    Posted by Raven Wright Jan 15 - 1 vote - 76 views
    Do you believe that academic scholars' suppression of MLK Jr.'s infidelity in high school and college is harming Black Americans' political efforts to gain equality, freedom, and self-determination through racial separation?